S600 v12 w140

CC reader Steve E. Right now my regular ride a VW Cabrio. Simple, great car that gets the daily bread as well as over 30 mpg on regular. A bargain or folly? I did some research— there were in total imported into US and Canada in So I bought it—and it drove home actually pretty well. Tires and wheels were awful, so found a set of excellent Mandrus wheels and studless snow tires also on cl, and spent a week cleaning up the exterior.

Interior is now near perfect! Opinions about climate control problems are terrifying— thousands of dollars to tear out the inside of the car. We will find out!

Update: Got the climate control blower motor installed today—easy task— and it works! Jeez, is that car fun to drive! Lots written about it— and the driving part is all true. It seems a shame that Mercedes engineers would build such a fantastic car that would demand so much attention that only the very rich could afford to own and keep them, and suffer such severe depreciation. That covers wheels and tires and tags and blower motor, etc. Or about the same amount as the gas guzzler tax paid on it when bought new.

Pay especially close attention to the electrohydraulically controlled power steering on these, as they seem to be a large trouble point. Once in a great while, the V12 gods smile and let one of these through the gates with only minor issues. Congrats and enjoy! With this particular car too! But my rationality always and luckily gets the better for me. The sight of any S-Class coupe is always rare, so its always exciting any time I see one.

This particular generation was very good looking. The headlights were especially unique from the sedan. I understand you want to keep costs put into it low, but I think it would look much better with some stock wheels off a newer Mercedes, maybe some 5-spoke design? Anyway, good luck on your journey with it! An S-class coupe this W or a later one with a V12….

Certainly in black. The best part is, you got the only combination of the V12 and short wheelbase available in the US. I loved the car so much that I only put miles on it over a 3. Color black, never rained on, and kept in my garage in a floor to roof zoo up cover.

The offered a lifetime bumper to bumper unlimited mileage warranty for another 3, Its is a true lifetime ,no matter who owned it. StickerI paidplus the for the warranty. Sold it forCongratulations for finding a bargain example of a magnificent automobile, and repairing an apparently major fault by yourself.

The rarity of a V12 W makes your find especially impressive. The only place where I have seen them more than a few times a year was in Moscow in the s, where I once counted six S sedans in three weeks, no doubt purchased by up and coming Russian oligarchs.

It sat for two years for a reason.There are still plenty of Mercedes-Benz SL-Class cars out there from the s -- this model enjoyed a very long production run -- and they can be found in just about any condition and mileage.

But you won't find too many examples of Mercedes' one other pricey two-door model from the s. The W generation sedan replaced the long-serving W model that ruled the autobahn during the s. Mercedes went for a boxier look for its flagship of the s, creating a car that to this day has yet to be rivaled by its successors for sheer presence.

The sedan started rolling off the assembly line ineventually offered in short- and long-wheelbase form, in addition to the Pullman limo, but the two-door coupe did not debut until October of the following year. From untilthese coupes were badged as the S-Class, but after a mild midlife facelift they were given their own CL-Class badging.

Unlike the sedan, which could be found in very modest engine and trim flavors in Europe, including a base S with a six-cylinder, a five-speed manual transmission and a cloth interior, the S-Class coupe was aimed at a luxury audience.

s600 v12 w140

At debut, the base model was badged the SEC and powered by a 5. A smaller V8 engine joined the menu in a 4. The range-topper, however, was the 6. These beasts churned out hp and lb-ft of torque, which was plenty to propel their occupants from a country house in Germany to the French Riviera in just a few hours and several hundred Deutsch Marks worth of fuel.

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If there is one major reason why you haven't seen a lot of these, it comes down to production numbers. Mercedes made in excess ofsedans, but just over 26, coupes.

Divide that into an eight-year production run, adjusted for different markets, and the result doesn't add up to a big number for any given year and region. The U.

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Did Mercedes-Benz of Billings, Montana, sell a lot of these back in the day? Not really. Speaking of sunny places, it's no wonder that Mercedes didn't offer a cabrio version of this car back in the day as the SL-Class already served that role.

But an S-Class cabrio is something that exists today, unlike in the eighties and the nineties, which in hindsight can begin to seem like eras of unabashed wealth. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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More From Mercedes-Benz. The next electric Mercedes may be the EQA small crossover teased here. Just the right size!The W S-Class was introduced in and was a heavyweight luxury successor to the popular W The body style was the first S-Class to offer a V engine, and it might be best known as the vehicle carrying Princess Diana on here tragic final poparazzi escape.

Preserved examples of this model bring very active bidding on BaT. This Mercedes-Benz S is one of Grand Edition examples built to commemorate the outgoing W platform, and is finished in Obsidian Black over a Parchment leather interior.

It was first registered in Minnesota and spent time in Kansas before moving to Washington State, where the selling dealer acquired it in This Mercedes-Benz S was first registered in Florida and spent time with its original owner in Illinois and Georgia before being recently acquired by the selling dealer. The car is finished in black over a gray leather interior, and power is supplied by a 3. Enim enim adipisicing voluptate aliqua consectetur tempor non non in.

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Reserve not met.Mercedes has always had the most luxurious cars and the reputation to delivering quality and performance. The S class has been desired by many and usually only attainable by people with wealth.

The most expensive model being the large V S that provided plenty of power to cruise the Autobahn yet still very nimble in the city. The options and features that were provided on these vehicles were in a class all by itself. This gorgeous S or referred in the Mercedes world as the W is a work of art. It is one of only total S cars to be produced in for the entire world. Only 14 were believed to be brought to the US dealerships for the American market.

This is a very rare car and one that has tremendous upside in the future markets. The looks and feel of these vehicles is quite impressive even with today's standards. The sound when the door shuts is as if you are inside a bank vault, the windows are double pane and even has fooled people to believe they were bullet proof because of the thickness.

This car was built for the purpose of being quiet and solid, not to cheat every possible ounce out of the car like in today's vehicles. Weighing in at lbs this was one of the heaviest vehicles on the road. From the factory the large V12 engine would crank out HP which was very impressive in and still was able to reach 19mpg on the highway. Performance numbers are one thing that most owners enjoyed while sitting in the back seat where there is plenty of room and gadgets to play with.

Features on this car were endless and here is just a small list of options on this car; heated front and rear seats, power rear sunshade, full power front seats with lumbar and memory, power rear seats, power folding rear headrests, xenon headlights, wood steering wheel, dual zone auto climate control with rear fan speed, rear vanity mirrors, power closing doors and trunk, power folding mirrors, electronic stability control, adjustable suspension and factory phone.

The car has been very well cared for and that is very important on these machines. Car has had only two previous owners. Purchased new in May of out of Chicago and where it remained till Car was maintained and serviced routinely at the Mercedes dealer and received all proper service and attention. Also upgraded 18in AMG wheels with new tires were installed within the past year.

The car is in great shape inside and out and all features seem to be working properly. Other than a Bluetooth phone system and upgraded headlight housing, this car remains to be factory stock.

Both remote key fobs, service records, tools and clean CarFax accompany this vehicle. Stand out from the crowd and drive a car that was built for a King! Recent service includes new spark plugs and ignition coils. To see over 80 photos of this car, including under carriage please visit our website www.

s600 v12 w140

We also welcome third party inspections when necessary. Although we try to do our very best to be accurate in our description writing we are human and do make mistakes. All sales final.

Mercedes-Benz W140

Toggle navigation GR Auto Gallery of grand rapids.Thanks, Jalop-Crusaders! One of those is this Mercedes Benz S with its rarely checked seating arrangement option box. That means that instead of the expected bench in back you get a pair of adjustable and heated thrones separated by a substantial and burlwood festooned center console. The S took the W platform and piled on every possible bit of kit the company could bring to bear.

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First off you have a freaking V12 engine under its hood. All that translated into sub-six second zero to sixty times for the 4,lb sedan, which is an impressive feat I think we all can agree. The ad states that the car is collector grade, and makes the claim that it has been well cared for its entire life. The champaign paint does seem to be in top-notch shape and the two-tone leather interior looks to likewise be in fine condition.

A couple of years back it appeared at auction on eBay, and that garnered it a mention on the awesome German Cars For Sale Blog. Even those thirteen cents it failed to meet reserve however, and was listed once again.

That auction was pulled for whatever reason. New Hampshire Craigslistor go here if the ad disappears. Click here to send a me a fixed-price tip, and remember to include your Kinja handle. Rob Emslie is a contributing writer for Jalopnik. He has too many cars, and not enough time to work on them all. The A. Shop Subscribe. Nice Price Or Crack Pipe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Beep beep, it's newsletter time.

Drop your email here and get our stories in your inbox. Rob Emslie. You decide!I have been driving the S for some days now, in the city, on the highway and more curvy roads in the country side. It is what you can expect from this kind of car: Comfortable, powerful, luxurious, spacious and surprisingly anonymous. It is all what CEOs, diplomats, kings, or drug lords can wish for. This is truly an impressive car of by any standards.

What makes this car special are all the perks, accessories and massive comfort, not the ridiculous huge engine which is just a bonus.

Makes sense for keeping the car quiet, but also removes all the fun with having such a powerful car with hp. When first driving it you really get surprised just how long and wide the car is, it takes some time to get used to. Driving it along it is like it can drive it self, braking is done by your big toe and steering by your little finger, although I do not recommend this of course.

This S specimen is from and is 20 years this very year, but it feels like any modern German luxury car, in fact it feels years ahead of 15 year old newer Range Rovers. With only Still even if it was ordered new in Japan it has the steering wheel on the left side for making it more special when used in Japan.

Mercedes W140 S600 V12 Sound Motor M120 Münztest

What put me off the most was the acceleration when pushing the throttle just to get up to normal speed.

Not a slow one in the traffic!! With that in mind you can drive this like any other car just easing off the pedal more and especially if you have a cake in the back seat unsecured.

Driving in the city the car is very comfortable and fast out of intersections, the only problem is narrow roads and parallel parking, but there are parking sensors to help out. Everything with this car is electric, all the seats including the back seats, electric mirrors, electric windows, electric headrests front and back, electric curtains for the back window, electric servos for closing the doors yeah you never have to slam the doors, just push the door to the end and they will close the last inch automaticallyelectric adjustable steering wheel, electric sunroof, electric etc….

The S has every accessory as standard equipment which is cool and why it was so damned expensive when it came out. It was over-engineered, too pricey compared to the competitors, somewhat dull design and maybe just a little too big even for these kind of cars. After the W Mercedes went on a more safe approach with the next model with more success. So how is the M engine?

Well it is the most quiet beast of all time. Not sounding like a V12 as you might expect, only a slight orchestral V12 rumble when provoked. This is truly an engine for high Autobahn speeds, which has very comfortable low RPM when cruising in the mid s.

s600 v12 w140

It is very easy to loose the license in this car since speed is this car can only be percieved when looking at the speedometer. Speed is unnoticeable, you really have to look twice at the speedometer and double check every time.

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Even though this might seem like a sports car, it is not. Saying this, the handling of the car is amazing and it can be used as a sports car down curvy roads, but it just feels wrong. Keep an eye on that fuel consumption though, it is not insignificant and the L tank is for sure needed. Could I live with this car? Could I live with the fuel consumption on a daily basis?

1993 Mercedes-Benz S-class Long (W140) S 600 V12 (394 Hp) Automatic

Could I parallel park this every day in the city? Maybe if I had the patience.

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I took some family members on a ride with this thing, they were quite impressed. Especially the back seat with the champagne fridge and so many electric play buttons and all sorts of fun stuff are amusing.

s600 v12 w140

Not often a car is more fun in the back seat, that really sums it up for the S, even though it is so cool and drives like a charm, the backseat is in face a better place to hang out. Being in this car is like sitting in a cloud drinking champagne with your legs stretched fully with the AC blowing chilly on a hot summers day while you raise the rear blinds by the flick of a button to conceal your luxury from the dreadful world outside.

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